About Us

Acoustech Consulting is a South African-based consulting company that specialises in architectural acoustics and environmental noise prediction and control. Acoustech was founded by owner and director Jean Knoppersen. After serving as one of the founding members of Pro Acoustic Consulting Engineers, he established Acoustech Consulting in 2015, bringing with him over 30 years of experience in the acoustics industry.

Built on a foundation of passion for what we do and solid experience across a wide range of sectors, Acoustech Consulting strives to develop practical, budget-conscious solutions and strategies best suited to our clients’ needs, whether regulatory, standards-driven (SANS or international), or to their custom requirements.

As an independent consulting firm, the end-user experience is at the heart of what we do, guiding us in our commitment to bringing to the table what is truly needed for every project.

We have offices in Johannesburg and Durban with a national reach and a representative in Mauritius and have completed projects in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.



Over 35 years consulting experience


A diverse project portfolio spanning multiple sectors


Branches in Gauteng, KZN and representative in Mauritius


Nationally and internationally qualified consultants

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Equipped with an inventory of fully compliant, SANAS calibrated equipment and industry standard room modelling software, our growing portfolio and experience in building projects allows us to take on any size project.


Our field experience and knowledge of local and national regulations, combined with a solid inventory of Class 1 SANAS calibrated equipment and industry leading noise prediction software allows us to tackle any environmental noise project.